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The working principle and product advantages of Weiwei feed pelletizing machine
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Put the mixed grains or crushed raw materials into the hopper, and extrude once to form. The processed granules have smooth surface, moderate hardness, and internal aging (60-80°C), which can make starch gelatinization, protein coagulation and denaturation, and improve nutrition. Value, easily digested and absorbed by animals

Work steps
1. The motor drives the gearbox through the transmission shaft, the gearbox drives the grinding disc to rotate, and the grinding disc drives the pressure roller to rotate
2. The material falls onto the grinding disc from the feed port
3. The friction between the pressing roller, the grinding disc and the raw material forces the pressing roller to rotate around the axis of the pressing roller and roll repeatedly on the material layer. The material is gelatinized by friction between the pressing roller and the grinding disc at high temperature, and the protein is solidified and deformed. Press down into disc hole
4. Extruded into a cylindrical shape in the hole of the grinding disc to form continuously elongated cylindrical solid particles
5. The particles continue to elongate until they are cut off by the cutter assembled on the main shaft, reaching the required length of the finished product
6. The finished product is centrifugally thrown out by the rotating disk of the main shaft to the discharge port

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Address:Gaocunsi, Gaocun Township, Xingyang, Henan, China (Mainland)
WeChat: 19838691608  /    13939084108 Address:Gaocunsi, Gaocun Township, Xingyang, Henan, China (Mainland)

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