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What can waste wood be used for?
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Many industries cannot do without timber resources and some old furniture, old houses, construction waste wood, branches, roots etc. These timber wastes are not treated and recycled very well and the rate of development has led to an increasing demand for timber resources in the market and many countries now import large quantities of timber every year to alleviate this problem. If we can reuse the waste wood that has accumulated in the past and is considered to be of no use, we can not only save wood resources but also recycle them to a reasonable extent.
This is the main reason why many people are very curious about why there are people in the market to buy all kinds of waste wood, because these people have realised the real use value of waste wood and know that this waste wood only needs some processing to bring the real use value into play, and this is dependent on wood machinery such as wood crushers, wood sawdust machines, wood shavings
For example, some paper making, power generation, bedding, feed, fertilizer, organic mulch, wood chipboard, chipboard, fibreboard, MDF, Buddha incense, mosquitoes, insulation materials, edible mushrooms, furniture tables and chairs, etc. can all use this material. These wood chip-like materials can be made into pellets for combustion after reprocessing. However, different recycling industries have different requirements for wood chip-like materials and the crushing of raw materials can directly affect the quality of wood chip-like materials.

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