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Differences between types of wood machinery
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Comprehensive wood crusher belongs to the coarse wood crushing equipment, is a professional crushing equipment for crushing waste boards, bamboo plywood, artificial boards, plywood, logs, branches and other wood on construction sites, processing width of 2 m. The residual material such as 1~30 cm thick boards are not afraid of nails and iron parts of the boards, and the crushed raw material can be sent to power plants and biomass plants as is, such as match size. In addition to being used as fuel for power generation, the secondary crushing by the sawdust machine can be processed into wood chips and wood shavings, which can also be used as raw material for biomass pellets.
The disc crusher, also known as root crusher or stump crusher, is a large primary wood crusher. It can directly crush wood such as large diameter roots, stumps and branches, as well as straw bales, straw fillers, building templates and eucalyptus boards. The treated material can be sent as is to power plants or biomass power plants as fuel for electricity generation, or can be processed into sawdust by the secondary crushing of the sawdust machine, or as raw material for biomass pellets.
Wood crusher, also called wood chip crusher, belongs to the wood fine grinding equipment. It is a machinery and equipment specialized in wood chip production and other industrial production. The main crushing materials include wood waste, furniture factory trimmings, branches and wood, wood chips, panel trimmings, bark, bamboo, bamboo bark and other raw materials. Wood crushing equipment necessary for electric wood, plastic, paper, mosquito, sanitary incense, feed, herbal medicine, breeding and other industries.
Biomass pellet mill is a kind of biomass energy shaping equipment. It is a high-density pellet fuel with wood chips, straw, rice husk, bark and other agricultural and forestry processing waste as the main raw material, which is cured and shaped after pretreatment processing. The pellet fuel is made by extruding raw materials such as sawdust and straw at room temperature using pressure rollers and ring dies. The density of the raw materials is generally around 0.6-0.8 and the density of the formed pellets is above 1.1, making it very easy to transport and store, while greatly improving combustion performance and making humans less dependent on petrochemicals for energy and emissions into the atmosphere.
The branch shredder is a handy agricultural/gardening tool. It is suitable for use in the garden, forest industry, road tree maintenance, parks, golf courses etc. It is mainly used for shredding various branches cut from trees after pruning, mulch, garden bed base, organic fertilizer, edible mushrooms, and after shredding it can be used for biomass power generation, can making. It is also used in the manufacture of high density board, particle board, paper industry, etc. This is a diesel driven garden branch crusher, which can be sprayed directly onto the transport truck after crushing, and is easy to move anywhere and anytime to crush branches. The wood chip crusher, also known as mushroom wood crusher, can process pine wood, broadleaf wood, poplar wood, fir wood, raw bamboo, etc. into fine square wood chips at a time. With compact structure, small footprint, good cutting quality, low power consumption and suitable for mobile operation, this machine is mainly used for producing raw materials required for edible mushroom cultivation.
The wood chipper can process materials such as pine, hardwood, poplar, fir, raw bamboo, etc., and cut them into 20-80mm pieces at a time. The machine has a compact structure, small footprint and high chip cutting. Good quality, low energy consumption, mainly used for the production of wood chips for paper making, is a special equipment for cutting high quality craft wood chips.
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