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What are the uses of planting peanuts?
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Peanuts can be used for food or oil
Peanut shells can be used to make biomass pellets or fuel
Peanut seedlings can be used to make feed for cattle and sheep
1. Oil use: traditionally, peanuts are mainly used for oil extraction, accounting for about 60% of the total peanut production.
2. For consumption: Traditional methods of consumption include raw and simply processed for consumption by boiling, frying, stir-frying, roasting, etc., or specially processed into food.
3. Processed food: mainly including confectionery, pastries, snacks, porridge, soup, beverages, Western-style, etc.
4. For further processing of food: peanut butter, peanut protein drinks, fruit tea, instant peanut dairy products
Peanut shells
1.Peanut shells can be used to make biological clock pellets and fuel and fertilizer
Peanut seedlings
1.Peanut seedlings are ideal for treating hypertension as they have the ability to clear heat and benefit the blood, lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. Peanut whole herb (whole and dried) 50 - 100g Cut into small pieces, soak and rinse well, decoct soup with tea and drink one dose daily! After blood pressure has normalised, switch to occasional doses
2.Dried and crushed peanut seedlings combined with our weiwei mowers make excellent fodder for cattle, sheep and horses.

Our peanut fruit picker picks peanuts directly after harvest. It can be used flexibly on site. Clean picking, low shell breaking rate, small losses, dry and wet stems, high efficiency and clean threshing
1. weiwei wet and dry peanut picker, suitable for fresh peanut picking and also for sun-dried peanut picking
2. clean and residue-free peanuts after picking and cleaning, which can be directly stored in bags after drying.
3. easy to operate, reliable performance, clean picking, high efficiency, less crushing, small supporting power
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