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What is a TMR feed mixer?
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weiweiTMR feed mixer

The TMR feed mixer, also known as a full mixed ration feed mixer, is divided into single-shaft, double-shaft and traction types. The main working principle is that there are one or two spiral shafts, which are divided into left- and right-handed. When mixing and cutting, the material is simultaneously rotated and mixed in the middle of the mixer from all directions at both ends of the box. Each spiral guide on the spiral body is equipped with a dynamic blade, and the fixed teeth on the centre line position of the feed mixer for cutting work, will pass a variety of fibrous grass, straw for cutting and mixing, so as to achieve the effect of crushing and mixing uniform full mixed ration feeding. It is a new generation of cattle and sheep farm feeding equipment developed on the basis of digested foreign advanced technology, which can mix and stir all kinds of dry and wet rice straw, crop straw, silage and other fibre feeds and concentrate feeds directly. It makes full use of all kinds of forage and agricultural straw without destroying the fibre content and makes the feed energy efficient. Highly homogeneous feed mixing, balanced energy intake and reduced workload. Improved feeding environment and space utilisation in the feedlot.

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