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The advantages of baling machines
Update:2022-10-28 15:03:37    Views:
weiwei plastic balers at cheap prices, silage, alfalfa, hay, straw etc balers

1. Protect the environment, protect the land, prevent farmers from burning straw to bring about land destruction and environmental pollution
2. Small size and high density of formed bales, easy to store
3. Increase farmers' income, the formed bales are easy to sell and convenient to transport
4. The formed bales can be better used, such as the processing of livestock and poultry feed on farms, plate fibre processing, biogas production, paper making, etc. It is a kind of machinery that saves energy and creates benefits.
5. Convenient collection of straw, on the one hand, can be used to return to the field and manufacture soil fertiliser, manufacture breeding feed, silage, breeding edible mushrooms, but also as a chemical, textile building materials, but also as environmental protection materials, production of building materials, production and replacement of traditional furniture, panels, wood, etc.
6. Shaped straw, easy to transport and store, can be used as raw material for biomass power plants, for manufacturing biomass pellets and power generation, as new environmental protection materials, manufacturing tableware, packaging materials, lunch boxes, etc., instead of wood machinery, to protect the environment.

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