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Weiwei machinery small wood chipper shredder crusher
  • Weiwei machinery small wood chipper shredder crusher

Weiwei machinery small wood chipper shredder crusher

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Engine:electronic,diesel ,gasoline
Applications:wood chipper
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Weiwei new wood chipper with gasoline engine machine
especially suitable for small families, garden pruning, branch crushing and so on, the chipper can be cut and crushed small diameter wood, garden pruning waste branch, branch, bamboo, grapevine, corn stalk, rapeseed pole, honeysuckle branch, etc.

The finished product has the advantages that the size of the finished product is between 0.5-3 cm through the branch of the cutting and the crusher, and the product can be used for the front end process of the paper mill, the small wood chip can be used for returning to the field and the garden fertilizer, and protecting the roots of the trees , and it is a very environmentally-friendly and practical recyclable material.

It also can be used for power generation of a biomass power plant and a board factory to make a density board , the cutting corn, grass straw and other crops straw can be used to make animal silage, for feeding animals.


Name Weiwei small mobile wood chipper
    Application Cutting wood log,branch,bamboo and straw into chips
    Model No. SWC400
     Power 7.5HP 
    Voltage Customized
    Weight 105kg (with gasoline)
    Blade quantity 2pcs
    Feeding hole size 10*10cm
    Capacity 0.4-1.5T/H
    Product size(L*W*H)mm 70*80*130cm
    Packaging size(L*W*H)mm max 40 sets in 20GP
    Matching motor Gasoline engine/Electric motor/Diesel engine
   Modify series yes ,we supply modification series 
   Product effects size 0.5-3cm



With the traction frame and the rubber wheel, the user is convenient to move,to meet the use of different users in different use occasionsapplication of farmland, garden, outdoor and other occasions

The hammer piece with crushing effect is added in the working room, and after the material is cut, it enters the working room for secondary grinding, so that the finished product can improve the grinding effect evenly.

The operation is simple, and the power can be matched with a motor, a gasoline engine and a diesel engine to meet the power requirements of different regional guests. 

Thickening blades and cutter head, increase blade fan design, increase material crusher speed, increase crushing rate and save power.



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