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Weiwei Wood chipper machine
  • Weiwei Wood chipper machine

Weiwei Wood chipper machine

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1.The wood chipper machine equipment can cutting wood logs, small diameter wood and brushwood,Bamboo, straw and other raw materials.

2.The user can select the appropriate production machines according to their needs, the wood cutting size can also be adjusted according to the needs of the guests,

3.The wood chipper machine is widely used in garden,power plant fuel, paper mill, artificial board factory and medium density fiber plate and other industry prior to the ideal production equipment.




Qty of  cutter

(blade )

Cutter disk   diameter(mm) Cutter   size(mm) Capacity   (t/h) Main shaft   speed (r/min) Powerr(kw) Dimension(mm)
MPJ-420 3 150*150 424 1 600 11 1200*500*800
MPJ-600 3 180*150 600 2 600 18.5 1500*570*1050
MPJ-800 4 200*195 735 4 550 30 1850*730*1240
MPJ-950 4 230*250 830 6 550 45 1900*820*1500
MJP-1150 4-6 300*330 1150 10 600 55


MPJ-1410 4 400*400 1410 12 600 90 2900*1400*2350



Working Principle

The raw material is fed into the inlet when the wood comes into contact with the cutting blade,it was cut with the high speed rotation of the cutter head. The cut wood chip is sent out of the high speed steam generated by the blade on the cutter blade in the cutting chamber .


The main part of the machine is through the dynamic balancing equipment, each machine's weight error range is less than 15g, so that the machine can run smoothly,reduce noise, improve production efficiency, prolong the service cycle, low cost, high yield, is the mature technology of wood processing machinery .


1.The cutting blade adopts high quality alloy cutting tools. The cutters are hard, wear resistant, cutting sharp, difficult to rust, corrosion resistant, and the service life is longer than the general steel cutting tools, the output of wood crusher is larger .

2.The cutter is composed of thick steel plate and changed the original fragile, increase the service life of the machine, fan design is enhanced in the machine running speed of wood, wood from the machine speed and easy to sieve out the whole cutter head, smooth operation, regrinding.

3.The material inlet and the outlet can provide extended design, provide different need to be modified for various guests 


4.The finished chip is of uniform size, and the machine can cut different raw materials, and the size of the cutting can be customized according to the actual demand or purpose of the customer



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