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Mobile branch shredders make waste branches, wood and straw more valuable
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The fruit industry occupies an important place in the agricultural production of many countries and its development is both a necessity and an important means of meeting market demand, a problem that has always troubled farmers. In many countries, branches of unmentioned fruit trees need to be pruned annually and most orchards are often modified by technical means such as grafting, resulting in a large number of stubs. In addition to the pruned branches that farmers use for cooking, there are many pruned branches that cannot be removed in time and most of them inevitably pile up on roadsides, on the ground, etc. Pruning branches and clearing waste plants in orchards and gardens not only has a serious impact on the environment, but is also a necessary horticultural procedure to ensure quality and increase yields. Orchards produce a large number of discarded branches and cuttings every year. Orchard branches are not easily packed and knotted, are difficult to transport and not only affect, but are also prone to fruit tree pests and diseases. It causes safety accidents such as fires. A proper solution to the problem of residual branches and resource use in the development of the fruit industry has a very important impact on the healthy growth of fruit trees for fruit farmers, increasing sources of income and also helping to solve the pollution problem. Traditional methods of leaf disposal are landfill and incineration, which tend to pollute the environment and prevent effective use of resources. The current method of disposing of branches is to shred the waste branches on site. Waste branches are widely used as crushed wood chips and can also be used as green organic fertiliser, pressed plastic fuel, biogas fermentation, raw material for composting, charring of biomass materials and as a substrate for edible mushrooms. The fermentation process can also be made into organic fertiliser for use in orchards, agricultural fertilisation etc., making the branches more valuable. Mechanised production reduces production costs. The twig crusher effectively reduces manpower and improves labour efficiency. The branch crusher is simple and easy to operate, with reliable and safe performance, reducing the labour intensity of farmers and also lowering production costs. Due to the low income of farmers, we have developed new methods, environmental benefits, economic benefits, etc.

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